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Meet Our Cats

  • Fuzz

    Our Fuzz passed away surrounded by all of us on March 2nd, 2017.  He battled kidney disease for over a year.  He is sorely missed by WVH.  We love you, Fuzz!

  • Roc

    Roc passed away in 2015.  He was a great ambassador for our clinic and was a favorite for many people.  He brought us joy every day with his sweet disposition and his love for attention.  We miss him every day, and we know many of you do, as well. 

  • Sassy

    Sassy was found by a client tramping the roads of Huber Heights.  She came to us with no meow, earning her the nickname P'Key (which is the sound she makes when she meows, which is all the time).  Sassy was never supposed to be a permanent WVH fixture, but when a potential home was found for her, Megan cried like a baby, and so here she remains.  She enjoys burrowing under blankets, hiding in her pillowcase, sneak attacks and rolling in cat nip. 

  • Jimmy Palmer

    What can we say about Jimmy?  He is weird.  But it's probably because he was found three years ago by two good samaritans on the road, having been hit by a car.  His fever was 109.  Yes, 109.  He had a fractured leg and a fractured jaw.  Dr. Ruth put him back together again.  Jimmy is definitely the quirkiest of all the WVH cats.  He is obsessed with packing paper from UPS, boxes, and living in the moment, ie: pouncing on whoever he sees in any given time.  He can often be seen drinking from his special water glass on the counter up front.  

  • Grey Girl

    Grey Girl (or Gargoyle) was brought to us in 2014 as a stray having been found hit on the road.  She had a lot of trauma to her head, resulting in nerve damage on the left side of her face.  She is unable to move her left ear or blink her left eye normally.  Despite what looked like awful odds, Grey Girl rallied and healed like a champ.  She LOVES dogs (which is sometimes a problem here, as some dogs just want to eat her as a snack) and will head boop them all if she can.  She is the sweetest, kindest little soul.  She loves to sleep on the router for warmth (don't tell the IT guy).


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  • "From the very 1st day I went there for an appointment, I have been happy with them and their services. My vet is more important to me than my own doctor, as I frequent the vet more often."
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